About our loyalty card scheme

If you’re a regular attendee of our screenings at Penarth Pier Pavilion you can now take advantage of our loyalty card scheme. Each time you buy a ticket we’ll stamp your card – when your card has been stamped five times you’ll get a sixth ticket for FREE!

Pick up a card from us when you come to a screening and start collecting those stamps now!

1.     Snowcat Cinema’s loyalty card scheme applies only to screenings at Penarth Pier Pavilion. Stamps will not be provided for screenings at other venues.

2.     Loyalty cards will be stamped once for each ticket purchased (standard or concession). If you buy multiple tickets you can choose to have all of the stamps put on one card, or on the individual cards of each person attending.

3.     When your loyalty card has been completed with five stamps you’ll be entitled to a sixth ticket for free.

   a.     Online bookings: please choose the free loyalty reward ticket option and then bring the completed card with you to the screening. If you can’t present a competed card when you arrive, we will ask you to pay full price for your ticket on the night.

   b.     Advance bookings from Penarth Pier Pavilion: exchange your completed card for a ticket.

   c.     Door sales: exchange your completed card for a ticket.

4.     Loyalty cards will be stamped at the screening by our ushers. If you buy a ticket but then can’t make it to the screening, please let us know so that we can stamp your card when you next attend.

5.     A completed loyalty card does not guarantee you a ticket to a particular screening, you’ll still need to reserve in advance to make sure you can see the film you want to.

6.     We may offer additional rewards for events with non-standard ticket prices ie. with Q&As or additional features, or as incentives to boost ticket sales ie. additional stamps for screenings of independent or locally produced films where we’d like to encourage attendance.

7.     Loyalty cards have no monetary value and can only be exchanged for a ticket when completed, no partial exchanges will be given.

8.     We’re operating a low-tech loyalty card scheme – this means that we keep no records of how many stamps you have on your cards. If you lose your card we can’t replace it, please look after it like you’d look after cash.

9.     No formal agreement exists between you and us in relation to the loyalty card scheme. The scheme is solely intended to reward repeat attendees with the bonus of free tickets. We reserve the right to stop the scheme if it is abused.

10.  If you have any questions about our loyalty card scheme please contact us using the links below.